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Tournament Rules

FIFA/USYSA Rules of Play will apply, with the following rule supplements: 


  1. No metal cleats are allowed on soccer shoes.

  2. All players must have uniforms with individual numbers on the jersey.

  3. No jewelry, including earrings, is to be worn by any player.

  4. Players wearing hard casts are permitted to play if properly wrapped and approved by the Referee.

  5. Shin guards must be worn at all times by all players.


  1. The home team is the first team listed (left) on the schedule.

  2. Games balls will be provided.

  3. Where the color of the jersey is similar or identical as determined by the referee, the designated home team will be required to change jerseys.

  4. Substitutions will be unlimited and allowed at any stoppage of play.

  5. After an injury when play has been stopped, substitutions may be made on a one-to-one basis for the injured player(s). The opposing team may also substitute one player if an injured player is substituted.

  6. Up to five (5) guest players are allowed, with teams not to exceed a total of 18 players for U13-U16 (full-sided), or 16 players for U11-U12 (small-sided), or 12 players for U9-U10 (small-sided). 

  7. U13 thru U16 teams may roster up to 22 players but Only 18 players can "dress" for each game.

  8. No player may play for multiple teams for the duration of the tournament.


  1. Full-sided 11v11, U13 - U16, (2) 20-minute halves

  2. Small-sided 9v9 , U11 - U12, (2) 20-minute halves

  3. Small-sided 7v7, U9-U10 (2) 20-minute halves 


  1. Divisions with five (5) or more teams will play four (4) games round robin style. Points will determine the top two (2) teams for first and second place.

  2. There will be no finals. 


The following point system will be used to determine flight winners:

Six (6) points for a win
Three (3) point for a tie
Zero (0) points for a loss
One (1) point for a shutout

In addition, teams will earn 1 point for each goal scored, to a maximum of 3. One point will be awarded to the winning team who shuts out its opponent.  (In the case of a 0-0 tie, each team is awarded one shutout point.) The maximum points earned by a winning team is therefore 10.  

In the event of a tie after all games have been completed, the following tiebreakers will be used one at a time to determine the 1st or 2nd place winners:

  1. Head to Head (not used for a 3-way or 4-way tie)

  2. Least goals allowed

  3. Best Goal Differential

  4. Most goals scored to a maximum of six (6) goals per game

  5. Most Wins

  6. Most Shutouts

  7. FIFA penalty kicks

Note: Head-to-head will not be used in the case of a three-way or four-way tie.


  1. A forfeit shall be declared by the Field Marshall if a team is not present and prepared to play within ten minutes of the scheduled start time.

  2. Teams forfeiting a game(s) cannot place first or second in a flight.

  3. A minimum of six (6) players is necessary to start a game (7v7).

  4. A minimum of eight (8) players is necessary to start a game (9v9).

  5. A minimum of 10 (10) players is necessary to start a game (11v11).

  6. A 3-0 Loss will be the result of a forfeited game, resulting in 10 points being awarded.


  1. Inclement Weather - In the case of severe weather that begins after the start of play, tournament officials in consultation with referees may reduce the length, postpone, conclude, reschedule, relocate or cancel any game. Games terminated after the first half completes, will be considered a finished game and the score will stand. Games terminated during the first half will be considered a 1-1 tie regardless of the current score.

  2. Protests - There are no protests.

  3. Ejection - Any player or coach who is red-carded will be ineligible for all subsequent games. Referees will report the infraction to the referee assignor and the Tournament Site Coordinator.  Any player or team receiving a Red Card, that team will receive a 1 point deduction for that games points.

  4. Gross Misconduct - Any severe or gross misconduct will be reported to the team(s) state sanctioning body for review and possible action. Gross or severe misconduct, as determined by the Tournament Director(s), can result in a team(s) expulsion from the tournament. Referee assault or abuse, as determined by the Tournament Director(s), WILL result in team expulsion from the tournament. Any expulsion will result in forfeit of prizes and fees, with no refunds.

  5. Coach's Responsibility - Each coach is responsible for the conduct of the players, parents and spectators representing his/her team.

  6. Team Field Positions - The players and coaches from both teams will take a position on the sideline opposite that of the spectators. Only carded players and coaches will be allowed with teams on the sidelines (this means that both teams and coaches are on the same sideline opposite the sideline with all parents and spectators). 

  7. Disclaimer - The Warminster Soccer Club is not responsible for any expenses incurred by any team in the event the tournament is canceled in whole or in part, or in the event games are discontinued or canceled, due to forfeit, inclement weather or adverse field conditions.

  8. Disclaimer - Each Team participating in the Al Perlini Memorial Soccer Tournament will be responsible for its own medical and liability insurance. In case of an accident or injury while traveling to or from the tournament, or during the tournament, the Warminster Township Department of Recreation, the Centennial School District, the Warminster Soccer Club and its board, and the Al Perlini Tournament and its directors, officials and volunteers will not be held liable.


  1. Once registered, refunds will not be provided to teams withdrawing after acceptance by Warminster Soccer Club, unless the event is completely cancelled at which point 2 would apply, as listed below.

  2. Partial refunds may be given in the event of complete cancellation after the tournament director and the tournament staff reviews the entire event.

  3. Warminster Soccer Club is not responsible for any expenses incurred by any team in the event the tournament is canceled in whole or in part, or in the event games are discontinued or canceled, due to forfeit, inclement weather or adverse field conditions.


The tournament director and/or committee, in advance of play, and with notification to all teams, can make changes up to the date of the tournament.


EPYSA Medical Release Forms and Players Passes must be in the coach’s possession at the field. Click Here to view the EPYSA Medical Release Form.

EPYSA Medical Release Form