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Photos, Videos and Social Media


The Al Perlini Memorial Soccer Tournament ("Perlini Soccer") encourages personal photography, videography, and sharing your stories on social media in a safe, non-disruptive manner.

Social Media Guidelines

Use the hashtag #PerliniSoccer when posting your event-day photos and stories.

Be honest and accurate and only post appropriate and respectful content. 

Ensure your postings are consistent with appropriate Code(s) of Ethics and Discrimination & Harassment Prevention. Inappropriate postings which may include discriminatory remarks, harassment, and threats of violence or similar inappropriate or unlawful conduct will not be tolerated and may subject you to litigation.

We invite everyone to Like and Share our social media pages.

Photography & Videography Policy

Perlini Soccer official volunteer staff members have permission to capture photography and/or videography on event days.  No professional photo or video recording/capturing services are permitted at event venues without prior written authorization from the Tournament Director.

No drones are permitted at any Perlini Soccer venue without prior approval by the Tournament Director.

Coaches, club and team officials, as well as family, friends, and fans of players shall be permitted to photograph or videotape the games, for non-commercial purposes, provided that such person(s) do not interfere with Perlini Soccer administration, staff, athletic trainers, or referee duties. 

Only personal, non-commercial photography and videography is permitted by participants if filming and capture does not interfere with gameplay and is conducted in a safe, non-disruptive manner as deemed acceptable by Perlini Soccer officials.   We reserve the right to limit, restrict, or stop video recording at our sole discretion at any time, before, during, or after an event.  

No external structures (scaffolds, large tripods) are to be erected on-site at any event venue without prior approval by the Perlini Soccer Tournament Director.  Use of elevated equipment above 5ft, or in a location that is deemed as unsafe, undesirable, or distracting to the playing environment or venue is not permitted without prior consent. 

Perlini Soccer does not allow the licensing, sale, or re-sale of any content recorded or captured at Perlini Soccer events without the prior approval of the Tournament Director.  If you would like to license, sell, or re-sell content recorded or captured at Perlini Soccer events, you must have prior approval from the Tournament Director.

Perlini Soccer does not allow any third-party professional photography or videography capturing or editing services at our events without the prior approval of the Tournament Director. 

Questions, inquiries or to submit approval requests, please contact the Tournament Director.

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