Perlini Advertising

The Elevator Pitch / Email:

Dear [ ContactNAME ],

I am with Warminster Soccer Club, and this is regarding the upcoming 2021 Al Perlini Memorial Soccer Tournament.

Labor Day weekend this year will mark our 34th consecutive annual event. It is a huge local turnout with 200+ teams and their families, mostly from Bucks and Montgomery counties. 

Everything is detailed in our advertising PDF.  I recommend our Sponsor Package as an excellent local advertising opportunity for you.  If it's too much, you can choose one of our banner packages and still be involved!

Our Sponsor Package promotes you on:
     - event shirts
     - social media pages
     - event banners
     - event winners stages
     - event photos
     - social media trending
     - event videos 

Details are here:

Warminster Soccer Club is a non-profit organization and all proceeds go directly to help fund our local soccer program.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

[ YourNAME ]
[ YourNumber ]

Following Up:

  1. Statistics show that following up can lead to a large number of leads that turn from a maybe into a yes!  
  2. After two (2) unsuccessful attempts, your next follow-up should include an incentive offer of 20% discount on everything in our Perlini Advertising sheet.  This offer should be told verbally in a follow-up conversation and not in an email.

Closing the Sale:

You only need to create the lead in the CRM, sending them them the information and following up with them.  

When they are ready to purchase an advertising plan, please give them my contact info: and I will close the sale and collect the money and your team will get credit for this sponsorship.

Advertising Team Goals:

  1. Everyone should try to get at least 1 business to purchase one of our advertising packages.
  2. Advertising at Perlini starts as low as $150 for a single 10ft banner, and goes all the way up to our premier packages -- the Partner Package ($2500) and the Sponsor Package ($2000).
  3. Please encourage Donations which go directly to benefit the WSC Soccer Program. has a Donations Page.  Donation start at $10 and can be made directly through our website.

Instructions for using the Spreadsheet CRM:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is necessary to keep track of who we have already contacted.

  1. Check below to make sure you are adding a NEW business.
    *** Please do not contact a business that is already listed below.
  2. Add your Lead >>  into our spreadsheet CRM.
  3. Check back to make sure it was correctly added to this spreadsheet.
    *** Google Sheets has a refresh delay, so please be patient and check in a few mins.

*** If you make a mistake, don't worry, there's an edit button after you submit the form.   You can also just re-create a correct entry and let me know, I will clean up the spreadsheet periodically:

Any other issues or questions, just use the same email to get in touch with me.